The Top Three Things We Consider When Naming Our Car

Does your car have a name?  It’s apparently a sign of love.  A poll found people who love their car are more likely to name it.

49% of people who have a car they love have given it a name.  That’s compared to 20% of people who just “like” their car, and 14% who don’t like their car.

So what’s the top thing we consider when choosing a good name?  The #1 answer was the car’s PERSONALITY . . . whatever that means.

1.  Personality.  37% of people who’ve named their car said it’s why they chose the name they did.

2.  Make and model, 29%.  Like calling your Kia Forte “Will” after Will Forte.

3.  How it performs, 21%.  Like “Zippy” because it’s fast.

The poll found the top ways we show our car some love are by giving it regular maintenance . . . having the oil changed . . . getting it washed . . . and taking it out for a leisurely drive.  (???)