The Top Things We Were Self-Conscious About in High School Are Still Our Top Concerns Now

If your kid is going into their junior or senior year, be aware . . . they could be hitting peak AWKWARDNESS.

A new poll asked adults how old they were when they felt the most awkward.  The average answer was 17.

Two-thirds of adults said they still have moments when they feel just as awkward as they did back then.  And it turns out we’re still worried about a lot of the same things.

People were asked to name the top things they were self-conscious about as teens, and the top things they’re self-conscious about now.

The top three things we worried about in high school were our weight . . . our hair . . . and our teeth.  And those are STILL the top things we’re self-conscious about.

Other things we still worry about include our height . . . our posture . . . our voice . . . our glasses . . . and yep, acne too.