The Top Things We Regret Buying Include Clothes, Gadgets, and Fitness Equipment

Amazon Prime Day is later this month on July 16th and 17th.  But even with a deal, think twice about anything on this list . . .

A new poll asked 4,700 Americans if they’ve ever REGRETTED buying certain things.  It looked at categories instead of specific products.  Here are the top things we’ve had buyer’s remorse with.

1.  Clothes.  34% of us have bought an item of clothing and regretted it.

2.  Gifts.  26% have bought something for someone else, and wished they’d gone another route.

3.  Electronics, 24%.

4.  A vehicle, 22%.

5.  Furniture, 16%.

6.  Fitness equipment, 10%.  Because you probably never used it.

7.  Jewelry, 10%.

8.  A house, 8%.  51% overall said they’ve made at least one MAJOR purchase that they ended up regretting.

9.  A vacation, 7%.

10.  A wedding, 4%.

Women were more likely than men to say they bought clothes they didn’t like.  Men were more likely to regret buying a gadget.

One in five people overall said they don’t regret any purchases they’ve ever made.