The Top Things We Loved Doing Outdoors When We Were Kids
Little boy and little girl play outside and run through a lawn sprinkler and slide down a slide on a hot summer evening.

If you asked kids TODAY this question, I bet “being on their phone” would make the list:  A new poll asked 5,000 parents to name their favorite OUTDOOR activities when THEY were kids.  What was your favorite?  Here are the top ten . . .

1.  Hide-and-seek.  43% of us used to love it.

2.  Water balloon fights, 42%.

3.  Tag, 42%.

4.  Playgrounds, with things like slides and swings, 41%.

5.  Playing sports, 40%.

6.  Riding bikes or scooters, 40%.

7.  Swimming, 40%.

8.  Snowball fights, 38%.  That’s the only cold-month activity on the list.

9.  Just running around your neighborhood with friends, 37%.

10.  Playing catch, 36%.  A few more from the top 20 include jumping rope . . . Duck, Duck, Goose . . . hopscotch . . . and rollerblading.

Three-quarters of parents said most of their free time was spent outdoors as a child.  But kids today only get an average of five hours a week.  So, less than an hour a day.