The Top Ten Ways to Burn Time on a Long Flight

Someone polled 2,000 Americans who travel overseas a lot, and asked them to name the best ways to burn time on a long flight.  On average, they said they’d gone on six international trips in the last five years.  So they’re pros at it.

Here are their top ten answers . . .

1.  Watch TV, or movies.

2.  Listen to music.

3.  Read.

4.  Play video games, or card games.

5.  Do puzzles.  (Maybe they mean puzzle games on your phone?  Assembling a 5,000-piece jigsaw on your tray table sounds tricky.)

6.  Sleep.  It’s a good way to burn a LOT of time, but only ranked sixth.

7.  Talk to people.  So a third of us turn into Del Griffith on long flights.

8.  Color.  We assume that one’s mostly for parents flying with their kids.

9.  Listen to podcasts.

10.  Just stare out the window.