The Top Seven Things We’re Buying for Valentine’s Day

People say “it’s the thought that counts” for birthdays and Christmas . . . and they may or may not mean it.  For Valentine’s Day, that sentiment actually DOES fly for most people.

The National Retail Federation just released a survey showing the top seven things Americans are buying for Valentine’s Day . . . and even though Valentine’s Day is TOMORROW, there’s still time to buy most of them.  Here’s the list:

1.  Candy.  Probably something special . . . not like Sour Patch Kids.

2.  Greeting cards.  Just pick one with the right tone, and write a note inside.

3.  Flowers.  It may be too late to have flowers sent, but you can pick them up.

4.  An evening out.  A little thoughtful planning can REALLY go a long way.

5.  Jewelry.  If you know what they like . . . otherwise it’s a pricey impulse buy.

6.  Clothing.  This is another one that’s more challenging to pick out, last minute.

7.  A gift certificate.  Just pair it with a card with a nice, personal note.