The Top Road Trip Snacks Include Chips, Chocolate . . . and Fruit?

What’s your go-to snack when you’re on a big road trip?  A new poll looked into it and found most of us give ourselves a free pass to eat WHATEVER WE WANT when we’re on the road.

The most popular options are mostly junk food, which isn’t surprising.  But a few healthier options did make the list.

The top road-trip snacks are:  Chips . . . chocolate . . . cookies . . . nuts or seeds . . . candy . . . FRUIT (???) . . . and granola bars.

Here are a few more road-trip stats . . .

1.  Our favorite things about a road trip are the snacks, the conversations, and the stops along the way.  The average person says that ideally, they’d like to stop for more snacks every three hours or so.

2.  44% think it’s unacceptable to say “no eating in the car” on a road trip.  Close to two-thirds of those people say if that was the case, they just wouldn’t go.

3.  The #1 road-trip rule that MUST be enforced is everyone has to use the bathroom before you leave.

Other popular rules include:  You must wear deodorant, but no cologne or perfume . . . the person riding shotgun has to help navigate . . . and the driver should be in charge of the radio.

4.  38% of us would rather drive somewhere than fly.  35% said flying is best.  18% think trains are the best option.

5.  The top road trips Americans want to go on are:  A cross-country trip . . . a drive up and down the East or West Coast . . . a trip around the Great Lakes . . . and a road trip through the South.