The Top Reasons People Would Consider Being Vegetarian

If you ever decided to be a vegetarian, what would be your top reason for ditching meat?  Someone polled a bunch of people to find out what the top motivation for doing it is.  Here are the top ten answers . . .

1.  Health benefits.  It’s the top reason meat-eaters would go vegetarian.  It was also the top answer for people who’ve been a vegetarian before.

2.  To lose weight.  So, kind of the same thing.

3.  Personal taste.  You just don’t love meat that much anyway.

4.  Allergies.

5.  To help the environment.

6.  Food safety concerns.

7.  It’s cheaper.  Meat is expensive.

8.  Moral reasons.  Like you just can’t stand the thought of eating animals.

9.  Religious reasons.

10.  Cultural reasons.

Another 2% said “some other reason,” and 40% said NONE of those things would ever stop them from eating meat.