The Top Reasons Americans Love to Grill

What’s the one meat option every solid Fourth of July cookout HAS to have?  A new poll put burgers at #1, followed by hot dogs, steak, chicken, and ribs.  Fish was voted the most underrated option.

Here are the top reasons people said they love to grill in summer . . .

1.  Grilled food is delicious.  63% agreed with that.

2.  Cooking outside is a nice change, 51%.

3.  It just puts me in a good mood, 42%.

4.  It’s a “seasonal” experience, 36%.  So, tradition.

5.  It’s easy, 34%.

The Top 10 also include:  It’s fairly healthy . . . it’s quick . . . it creates a chance to spend time with loved ones . . . and “I’m PROUD of my grilling skills.”

Speaking of those skills, the poll also found WOMEN deserve more cred around the grill than they often get.  Most Americans say it’s an outdated idea to think men should automatically man the grill.