The Top Pumpkin Spice Food Each State Is Googling

Google Trends released its annual pumpkin spice report, including the food each state is googling more than other states.  They broke it down into five categories . . .

1.  Baked goods:  18 states.  A lot of people are searching for things like pumpkin spice cake, donuts, pies, and scones.  And Virginia is really into pumpkin spice English muffins.  Thomas’ has been selling them since 2015.

2.  Sweets:  11 states.  Highlights include pumpkin spice Red Vines in California . . . Oreos in Oregon, Nevada, Kentucky, and Rhode Island . . . and pumpkin spice Rice Krispie Treats in Idaho.

3.  Snacks:  Seven states.  Pumpkin spice chips in Nebraska . . . popcorn in Alabama . . . and a bunch of states are into pumpkin spice Goldfish.

4.  Cereal:  Five states.  Alaska, Utah, Missouri, Massachusetts, and Maine all love Pumpkin Spice Cheerios.  D.C. is enjoying pumpkin spice Special K.

5.  Other:  Nine states.  Pumpkin spice Spam in Arizona . . . cream cheese in North Dakota and Indiana . . . Delaware is very into pumpkin spice deer jerky . . . Georgia wants pumpkin spice empanadas . . . and two states are searching for pumpkin spice Mexican food:  Tacos in Minnesota . . . and tamales in South Dakota.

They also looked at a few other pumpkin spice categories . . .

The top “pumpkin spice scented” products we’re googling include trash bags, deodorant, and toilet paper.

The top pumpkin spice toiletries include toothpaste and body wash.

And the top pumpkin spice pet products we’re googling include dog treats, kitty litter, and pumpkin spice poop bags.

(Google Trends)

(Here’s a map with the top food search in all 50 states.)