The Top Lifestyle Changes We Never Follow Through With

You’ve probably tried to do multiple things on this list . . . and you’re probably FAILED at them more than once.

A poll looked at the lifestyle changes we try to make but can’t follow through with.  Most of us buckle within two months thanks to no willpower, no motivation, and not having enough time.  Here are the top ten changes we can’t get to stick . . .

1.  Exercising more.

2.  Going to bed earlier.

3.  Hitting 10,000 steps a day.

4.  Eating less sugar.

5.  Using your phone less.

6.  Cutting back on alcohol.

7.  Eating more vegetables.

8.  Reading more.

9.  Being better about recycling.

10.  Making sure you get enough “me time.”

(Study Finds)