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The Top Foods We Hated as Kids but Like Now Include Asparagus, Fish, Avocados, and Eggs

high angle shot of some different raw vegetables, such as cauliflower of different colors, broccolini, fava beans, french beans, kale, onion or carrots, on a white rustic wooden table

Name a food you HATED as a kid but would gladly eat now.  A survey of 2,000 Americans found the ten most common foods kids hate but adults like.  And, of course, vegetables dominate the list . . .

1.  Asparagus.  31% of people hated it as a kid, but like it now.

2.  Brussels sprouts, 30%.

3.  Broccoli, 27%.

4.  Spinach, 21%.

5.  Green beans, 19%.

6.  Fish, 19%.

7.  Avocados, 18%.

8.  Eggs, 15%.

9.  Greek yogurt, 14%.

10.  Bacon.  (???)  Around 1 in 8 people said they hated it as kids, but not anymore.

A few more that ranked lower were whole wheat bread . . . cottage cheese . . . mustard . . . and any type of chicken that WASN’T a chicken nugget.


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