The Top Dating Red Flags America Has Been Googling

Google released a list of the top dating red flags we’ve been googling over the past year.  Do you think these five things are a big deal?

1.  Saying “I Love You” too soon.  If they say it a month in, maybe.  If they say it on your first date, definitely.

2.  Watching true crime.  If they love true crime shows, does it mean they might try to MURDER you?  (???)

(A psychologist recently said that being overly obsessed with it could be a sign of unresolved trauma, and that you might still be working through some issues.  So that’s why people were googling it.)

3.  Love bombing.  That’s when someone praises you or showers you with gifts early on, then turns PSYCHO.  The Cleveland Clinic defines it as a form of psychological and emotional abuse.  It’s also something cult leaders do.

4.  Talking to an ex.  Is it a red flag if they’re still friends with their exes, or can that be a good thing?

5.  Double texting.  That’s when they send a follow-up text before you’ve even replied to the first one.  It’s not always a red flag but could be a sign they’re obsessive or controlling.

(Google Trends)