The Top Daily Decisions We Struggle with Include What to Eat, What to Wear, and What to Watch

Some decisions are big and require time and consideration.  Others aren’t big, but we struggle with them anyway.  A new poll looked at the top everyday decisions we struggle with.  Here are the Top 10 . . .

1.  What to eat.  44% have trouble deciding on any given day.

2.  What to watch on TV, 40%.

3.  Decisions related to a hobby you have, 39%.

4.  What to wear, 37%.

5.  What to buy at the store, 36%.

6.  Your morning routine, and what order to do stuff in, 32%.

7.  Whether spending money on something is worth it, 31%.

8.  How to organize your day, 25%.

9.  Personal hygiene, 18%.  (???)  Like, do you have time to take a shower?

10.  Social-related decisions, 18%.  Like, do you really want to grab a drink with that friend, or just keep flipping through possible shows to watch.

The poll also looked at the top BIG decisions we take our time with.  The top five are buying a house . . . getting married or divorced . . . having kids . . . changing jobs . . . and moving.

27% regret a big decision they made when they were young . . . 27% also regret a decision about their career . . . 23% regret something about their SIGNIFICANT OTHER . . . and 22% regret certain parenting decisions they’ve made.