The Top Compliments We Love to Hear About Our Homes

When you’re a guest at someone’s home, you might want to compliment them on how it SMELLS . . . assuming it’s a GOOD smell.

In a new poll, people were asked about the best home compliments, and most people said that the way a home SMELLS is even more important than how it LOOKS.  And 43% said they’d love to hear that their home smells good.

39% of people say they consider smells while they’re preparing their home for a guest.  57% of them say they use air fresheners . . . 48% light candles . . . and 19% use diffusers.

Most people are looking for a common fragrance, like “fresh laundry” . . . “ocean breeze” . . . “lavender” . . . “vanilla” . . . and “lemon or citrus.”

Others want to have a “signature smell” for their home, like “fresh flowers” . . .  “strawberries and bananas” . . . “after the rain” . . . and “bread baking.”  But only 12% want the smell of their home to come off as “unique.”