The Top 10 Things That Immediately Make Us Smile

If a stranger smiled at you on the street, what would you do?  Return the smile . . . or punch that smirk right off their face?

A poll for National Smile Month found the average person smiles at a stranger five times a week.  And being on the receiving end of a random smile lifts our spirits for an average of 13 minutes.  But it’s not true for everyone.

One in six people said they rarely or never return a smile from a stranger, often because they’re skeptical about the person’s motives.  (Like, “Is this jerk with the grin about to STAB me?”)

Other reasons for not returning a smile include:  You’re afraid it’ll be weird . . . you’re in a rush . . . you’re too embarrassed . . . and you just weren’t paying attention, so the moment passed.

But whether it’s a stranger or a friend, seeing someone else smile made the list of the top things that can immediately make YOU smile.  Here are the Top 10 . . .

1.  Being on vacation.

2.  Waking up to a sunny day.

3.  Receiving a kind gesture.

4.  Someone else smiling at you.

5.  Hearing good news about a loved one.

6.  Making someone else laugh or grin.

7.  Getting a surprise gift.

8.  Winning money.

9.  Receiving a thank you.

10.  Spending time outside in the sun.

A few more that just missed the Top 10:  Running into an old friend . . . looking at old photographs . . . watching funny videos online . . . hearing a baby laugh . . . finding money in your pocket . . . and hearing a song that you really love.