Two big excuses for not working out are:  “I don’t have time,” and “gyms cost too much.”  But those aren’t great excuses, because you don’t need those things to get in shape.

According to an expert with the American Council on Exercise, here are the three most effective exercises that don’t require any equipment . . .

1.  Burpees.  You start in a standing position . . . drop down and do a push-up . . . then pop back up . . . jump with your hands above your head . . . and repeat.  It works your chest, arms, shoulders, core, hips, legs AND butt.

2.  Mountain climbers.  You start in a plank position, like you’re about to do a push-up.  Then you bring one knee to your chest, alternate legs, and basically act like you’re running in place.  Again, it hits a bunch of muscles at once.  And it’s good cardio.

3.  Turkish get-ups.  This one’s harder and you’d need to practice.  But basically, you start on your back, with one hand pointed at the ceiling.  Then without letting it drop, you roll onto your side . . . plant one foot on the ground . . . and rise to your feet.

Once you get good, you can do it with a weight in one hand.  But you don’t need one when you’re just starting out.  It’s a good workout for your shoulders and core, and for stabilizing muscles in your back and hips.