The Ten Most Annoying Vacation Photos

If you want your friends to be excited about your vacation, maybe don’t post ANY photos from it.  53% of people say their friends’ vacation shots sometimes just make them jealous and annoyed.

The most annoying thing you can do is post daily status updates.  61% say it’s overboard.

Here are the top ten photos that annoy us the most . . .

1.  “Thirst trap” photos.  Anything where you’re trying too hard to be sexy.

2.  Vacation countdowns.  Like posting a photo of Cancun with the caption, “Arriving in 18 days and 37 minutes.”

3.  Throwback posts.  Photos from previous vacations.  No one cares.

4.  Culturally insensitive posts.  Like a goofy photo in front of a famous cathedral.

5.  Anything that involves yoga.

6.  The “pulling you along” photo.  Where two people are holding hands, and one of them . . . usually the girlfriend . . . is leading the way.

7.  Legs by the pool photos.  The ones that inspired the “hot dog legs” meme.

8.  Airport check-in pics.  Like a shot of your luggage.

9.  Tons of pictures of the same landmark from different angles.

10.  Selfies of landmarks where you’re standing in the way blocking them.

The poll also looked at the most common annoying vacation photos we post:  25% of us have posted a shot of ourselves looking out an airplane window . . . and 24% are guilty of cliché shots, like holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa.