The Ten Most Annoying Things We Always Forget

What’s the most annoying thing you always seem to FORGET?

Here are the Top 10 answers from a recent online poll . . .

1.  When you walk into a room and can’t remember why.

2.  People’s names.

3.  Phone numbers.  Does anyone even TRY to remember those anymore?

4.  Passwords.  That might deserve to be #1 in 2023.

5.  That ONE other thing you needed at the grocery store.

6.  The date, or what day of the week it is.

7.  Where you left your phone.

8.  People’s birthdays.

9.  Forgetting to return someone’s call.

10.  Where you left your keys.

Here are a few more that just missed the Top 10:  People’s addresses . . . where you parked your car . . . where your glasses are . . . where your wallet is . . . and forgetting to wear deodorant, so you just have to stink all day.  (Ranker)