The Ten Most Annoying Things Other Drivers Do

If you’re driving right now, you’ve probably dealt with at least one of these things in the last five minutes.  Someone asked people to rank the most annoying things other drivers do.  Here are the top ten . . .

1.  When someone cuts you off, and then drives slower than you were going.

2.  When they won’t let you merge.

3.  When people drive too slow in the fast lane.

4.  People who don’t dim their brights and blind you.

5.  Tailgating.

6.  When people don’t use turn signals.

7.  Two cars driving side-by-side at the same speed, so you can’t pass.

8.  When you’re waiting at an exit, and someone drives to the front to cut in line.

9.  When people aren’t paying attention, because they’re staring at their phone.

10.  When someone honks at you to go, but there are ten cars in front of you.