The Ten Most Annoying Things Neighbors Can Do

If you’re feuding with a neighbor, pay attention.  Because there are two ways to use this list . . . for good, or for EVIL.  Someone polled people to find the most annoying things a neighbor can do.  Here are the top ten . . .

1.  Inappropriate parking.  Like blocking their driveway, or snagging the best spot in front of their place.

2.  Blasting music.

3.  Letting dogs bark all day.

4.  Lots of shouting, or being loud in general.

5.  Letting kids be as noisy as they want.

6.  Throwing loud parties.

7.  Slamming doors.

8.  Turning your TV up so loud, they can hear it.

9.  Letting your place look like crap.  That includes not mowing your lawn.

10.  Not picking up your dogs’ poop when you take them on walks.