The States with the Worst Drivers . . . Are in Middle America?

If you’ve done any driving in the big cities . . . New York, L.A., Chicago . . . you know there are a LOT of lousy, annoying drivers.  But it could be worse:  They could be DEADLY.

A new study by Forbes looked at the states with the worst drivers . . . the DANGEROUS ones that have driven recklessly while drunk, drowsy, or distracted, and have been involved in FATAL car accidents.

And that’s happening more on the wide open roads of Middle America.

They crunched all the data, and New Mexico tops the list of states with the WORST drivers.  Wyoming is second, followed by Texas . . . Oklahoma . . . Montana . . . Louisiana . . . Kentucky . . . Kansas . . . Mississippi . . . and Missouri.

Mississippi has the highest total number of fatal car accidents . . . Montana has the highest number of drunk drivers involved in fatal crashes . . . and New Mexico has the highest number of fatal car accidents involving a distracted drivers.

The state with the BEST drivers (or the least dangerous ones) is . . . Massachusetts.  And six of the 10 best (which include New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island) are in the Northeast.