The Sexiest Number of Shirt Buttons to Be Undone Is . . . Two

Guys, have you ever caught yourself staring at the mirror . . . debating how many shirt buttons you should unbutton before going out?

In a new poll by the “Wall Street Journal”, 40% of people say it’s SEXIEST when men unbutton the top TWO buttons of their shirt.

38% of people say “one top button undone” is the sexiest . . . 12% say NO buttons undone . . . and 10% think THREE buttons undone is sexiest.  (Which can fly in Miami . . . but it’s harder to pull off in, like, Minnesota.)

Among men only, the most popular answer was ONE button.  So women are pushing the unbuttoning . . . not men.

Here are some other results from the poll:

1.  Only 22% of people think men over 50 look sexy in sneakers . . . 72% say Birkenstock sandals are NOT sexy, no matter your age.

2.  Only 3% of people answered “ankles” for “the sexiest body part a man can reveal.”  (???)  The #1 answer was BICEPS.

3.  47% of people are NOT turned on by men’s jewelry.

4.  52% are NOT turned on by men wearing RED.  On the flip-side, 41% say BLACK clothes are generally sexy.

5.  65% of people say baggy clothes is a turn off.

6.  75% of people say glasses ARE “sometimes, usually, or always” sexy.

7.  44% of people say clean-shaven faces are sexy . . . but a whopping 56% prefer some sort of facial hair.

8.  How long should a man’s shorts be?  64% of people say “just above the knee.”  19% say shorter than that . . . 17% say BELOW the knee.

9.  The least sexy STYLE is “athleticwear,” with just 6% of the vote.  The sexier styles include:  T-shirt and jeans . . . a suit . . . and “shirt and chinos.”

(Wall Street Journal / Archive)