Each year, a marketing firm in New York ranks the top food-related stories that were in the news.  And there were two crazy ones vying for first place this year.  But the winner was . . . the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich fiasco.

They added it to the menu in August . . . it sold out in a few days . . . and wasn’t back until October.  Then people literally FOUGHT each other just to get one.  Here are the top five food stories of the year . . .

1.  The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich nonsense.

2.  The video of a woman LICKING the top of some Blue Bell Ice Cream at a store, and putting it back.  She ended up being arrested.  Then a few copycats did it, and stores started LOCKING their ice cream freezers to prevent it.

3.  The huge surge in popularity for the Keto Diet.

4.  Over two million pounds of chicken being recalled last month.  It was because some of it may have been contaminated with metal shards.

5.  The continued debate over whether or not to ban plastic straws.  It was the #1 ranked story in 2018.

A few more that made the top ten were the impact of tariffs on certain foods . . . whether plastic water bottles should be banned . . . and the rise of hard seltzer.



(PR Newswire)