The Perfect Valentine’s Day Date Includes Flowers, Dinner, and a Goodnight Kiss

Married and doing something for Valentine’s Day?  Great . . . nobody cares.  Seriously, this didn’t even factor you in . . .

Someone polled 1,000 Millennials and Gen Z’ers who are actively dating, and looked at what the PERFECT Valentine’s Day date looks like in 2024.

Turns out not much has changed, and we’re still pretty traditional.  The perfect date starts with flowers or a gift, and one of you should be picking the other person up.  Don’t make them meet you somewhere.

After that, it’s dinner and a movie.  And the night should end with, quote, “some form of togetherness.”  (Hubba hubba.)  48% want “alone time with their date,” and 43% say a goodnight kiss would be ideal.

It also looked at the top plans for people staying in for Valentine’s Day.  61% plan to watch a show or movie together . . . 59% will cook a nice dinner . . . and 51% plan to “become intimate.”

The average couple going out on a date will spend $114.  The average couple staying in will still spend $86.