The New iPhone Arrives Today! 31% of Us Couldn’t Care Less

Apple unveils its new iPhone 15 today.  (At 1:00 P.M. Eastern.)  Are you an “early adopter” who upgrades immediately?  Or are you rockin’ that iPhone 8 until the wheels fall off?

77% of Americans in a new survey say having the latest tech is at least somewhat important to them.  But 31% of us are NOT early adopters in general.

That’s how many said they don’t plan on buying the newest version of ANY upcoming product in the near future.

That said, one in four people have taken on DEBT to get the newest tech before.  Here are a few quick stats on our tech-spending habits . . .

1.  Phones are the top device we’re willing to splurge on, followed by a new computer . . . a new smartwatch . . . and a new gaming console.  But 41% of us have also regretted spending more than we could afford.

2.  45% would be willing to buy the newest version of their phone, even if their current phone is still working fine.

3.  28% would even prioritize it over other obligations, like bills or RENT.

4.  $1,492.  For people who’ve taken on debt to buy tech, that’s the average amount they think it’s added to their balance.

5.  54% of us are currently using at least one device that’s so old, we’d consider it “out of date.”

6.  iPhone users are the most brand-loyal, and the most likely to buy the newest version of their phone when it comes out.  9% said they might, compared to 4% of Android users.