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The New “2020 Scent” Candle Takes You on a Journey Through This Year’s Memorable Smells

I’m not sure WHY anyone would want to relive the past eight months . . . but if you do, here’s something to help get you there.

A novelty candle company in England called . . . ready for this? . . . Flaming Crap has created a candle called “The 2020 Scent.”

It’s a layered candle that will take you through four of the big smells of 2020:

1.  Banana bread.

2.  Hand sanitizer.

3.  Wood, for the DIY project and home improvement phase of quarantine.

4.  And, quote, “budget aftershave and earthy essence,” which is supposed to make you think of “Tiger King”.

If you’re interested, the candles sell for $20 on their website . . . order fast to make sure the candle arrives in time for Christmas.

(New York Post

(Here’s a picture.)

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