The “Most Satisfying Food Sound” Is . . .

Some people can’t stand the sound of someone chewing, or slurping noodles . . . but other food sounds people actually LOVE.

A survey asked people what they considered the “most satisfying food sound,” and the top response was:  Bacon sizzling in a pan.  33% of people said that’s a sound that makes them happy.

Here’s the rest of the Top 10:

2.  Slicing a crusty loaf of bread.

3.  Steak sizzling in a pan.

4.  Butter being spread on toast.

5.  The snapping of a chocolate bar.

6.  French fries frying.

7.  The first bite into a crisp apple.

8.  Popping popcorn.

9.  The rustling of a snack or potato chip bag.

10.  Stir frying vegetables.

Clearly the sounds were impacted by how delicious the food is . . . no one said they felt soothed by the soft purr of BROCCOLI BEING STEAMED.  (???)

(NBC Right Now)