The Most Overrated Tourist Attractions in America

If you’ve been to all of these spots, you might feel like you WASTED a whole lot of time and money . . .

Someone ranked the most overrated tourist attractions in America based on what a bunch of the big travel sites have to say.  And their top nod is one of the MOST American spots you can visit . . . Mount Rushmore.

Here are the Top Five:

1.  Mount Rushmore.  You have to travel a long way to see it.  And most people’s first impression is it’s a lot smaller than they thought.

2.  Las Vegas.  Everything is overpriced, and you have to deal with a LOT of drunk people.  If you love it, keep going.  But if gambling and nightlife aren’t your thing, you’re not missing a lot.

3.  Plymouth Rock.  The whole area around Plymouth Harbor is nice.  But the rock itself is just a rock.  It’s behind bars, so you can’t even touch it.

4.  Times Square.  It’s fun the first time, but New Yorkers do their best to avoid it because it’s just so crowded.

5.  Lombard Street in San Francisco.  It’s the steep one that winds back and forth.  There’s always a long line of cars waiting to go down.  But once you’re on it, you realize you just waited in traffic to wait in more traffic.

Two more spots that just missed the Top Five:  The Hollywood Walk of Fame in L.A., and Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

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