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The Most Neighborly City in America Is . . . Madison, Wisconsin

Credit: iStock by Getty Images

If you’re looking to borrow a cup of sugar, there’s one city in America that you’re almost GUARANTEED to find a helpful neighbor:  Madison, Wisconsin.

The Neighbor app just released its second annual ranking of the “Most Neighborly Cities in America.”  They consider a whole slew of things, including charitable giving, nonprofit organizations, volunteering rates, happiness rankings, and most importantly . . . “neighborly behaviors,” like borrowing sugar, I guess.

This year, Madison ranked #1 . . . partially because it ranked #1 as the happiest city in America, and it also leads the nation in donations to nonprofits.

Rochester, New York was second, followed by Portland, Oregon . . . Minneapolis, Minnesota . . . Des Moines, Iowa . . . Washington, D.C. . . . Boston . . . Seattle . . . Pittsburgh . . . and Milwaukee, which is a 90-minute drive from Madison.

The survey didn’t find the LEAST-neighborly cities.

( has the Top 25.  Last year, Augusta, Georgia was #1.)

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