The Most Annoying Passive-Aggressive Phrases Include “Whatever,” “No Offense,” and “You’re Too Sensitive”
Side view of a sad man with a hand on the head sitting on a couch in the living room at home

A new poll found the most passive-aggressive people in our lives are COWORKERS with 20% of the vote.  But our MOMS were a close second at 18%.  According to the results, here are the most annoyingly passive-aggressive phrases . . .

1.  “You’re too sensitive.”

2.  “Why are you so upset?”  So that’s two that just undercut how someone’s feeling.

3.  “No offense, but . . .”  Which is usually followed by something that IS offensive.

4.  “Whatever.”

5.  “Sure, if that’s what you want to do . . .”

6.  “You should have known that” or “You should have known better.”

7.  “I was just kidding.”

8.  “Why don’t you just [blank]?”  When the “blank” is something obvious, but not easy.

9.  “That was surprisingly good.”  Like if you just tried someone’s cooking, because it suggests their cooking isn’t USUALLY good.

10.  “I’m fine.”  Especially when you’re obviously NOT fine.

The poll also found the worst passive-aggressive lines at WORK include:  “For future reference” . . . “just a friendly reminder” . . . and “correct me if I’m wrong.”  And the most passive-aggressive TEXT is the letter “K” instead of “okay.”