The Most Annoying Fanbase in the NFL Is . . . Not the Eagles?

It’s hard to believe . . . but it’s already NFL season.  The first game is TONIGHT between the Super Bowl-winning Kansas City Chiefs and the Detroit Lions.

There’s a new analysis out on the most ANNOYING fanbases in the NFL.  And you KNOW it’s legit, because they based it on social media posts.  (That’s where sports fans ARE the most annoying.  There, and at Buffalo Wild Wings.)

Here’s the Top 10:

1.  They say Dallas Cowboys fans are the MOST annoying.

2.  Philadelphia Eagles fans, which we have to assume are a CLOSE second.

3.  Buffalo Bills fans

4.  Kansas City Chiefs fans

5.  Green Bay Packers fans

6.  Cincinnati Bengals fans

7.  Chicago Bears fans

8.  New York Jets fans

9.  New York Giants fans

10.  Baltimore Ravens fans.

The Cleveland Browns fanbase is 11th.  It’s unclear what they’re so annoying about, maybe just those chants of “Wait until next year!”  (???)

The LEAST annoying fanbase is the Jacksonville Jaguars.  (This data was compiled by  Here’s the full ranking.)

Speaking of NFL fans, a new survey says that approximately 73.5 million Americans . . . or 28% of the adult population . . . are planning to bet on the NFL this season.  That’s a 57.7% increase from a similar survey last year.

That’s mostly due to the growth of online sports betting, and the changing laws in many states.  Licensed sportsbooks have launched in 34 states, including Massachusetts and Ohio, which opened up earlier this year.  (But NO state will send you to jail for paying $20 to be in your brother’s fantasy league.)