Source: YouTube

One of the best Super Bowl ad campaigns won’t even run during the game.  It’s by Dude Wipes, which are for . . . well, I think we all know what they’re used for.

They’re putting electronic billboards up on the Vegas Strip, capitalizing on the whole Taylor Swift Travis Kelce thing.

Their slogans include:

• “We love a clean tight end, too.”

• “A good swift cleaning that’s tailored to your endzone.”

• “If you’re living in the Tortured TP Department, welcome to the Wet-Wiping Era.”

• And . . . “It’s me.  Hi.  I’m the solution.  It’s Me.  Not TP.”

Here are the latest ads to get leaked ahead of the Big Game:

1.  Martin Scorsese’s ad for Squarespace has a sci-fi twist:  Aliens try to make contact, but humans are too distracted by their phones to notice.

2.  Scarlett Johansson is honored by M&Ms for ALMOST winning two Oscars.

3.  “Entertainment Weekly” picked the best Super Bowl ads of all time.  The top spot went to the classic “Hey Kid, Catch!” ad for Coca-Cola featuring Mean Joe Greene.