The Latest Exciting TikTok Trend: Eating Borax, Which Is Literally Poison

Remember the “Tide Pod Challenge?”  Well, now there’s a new laundry-themed dietary trend, which could literally kill you.

People are posting videos claiming that they are consuming BORAX, which is used as a laundry additive, a pesticide, a household cleanser, an herbicide, and to unclog drains.  (In some, they say they’re “jumping on the borax train!”)

It’s unclear WHY people are doing this . . . but apparently, there are some “alternative medicine” claims about the benefits of the ELEMENT boron, which can be found in certain foods.  There are claims it could fight conditions like arthritis or osteoporosis . . . but the science is still out on that.

Borax CONTAINS boron, but the product itself is a poisonous compound.  If accidentally or intentionally swallowed, it causes nausea, vomiting, and stomach irritation.  Skin rashes can also occur.

Regularly consuming small doses can lead to anemia, tremors, seizures, male reproductive issues, and kidney problems . . . and larger doses are lethal.

If you consume ANY amount of borax, you are supposed to call poison control immediately.  This is not something you want to mess around with . . . even if you are an idiot.

(In the Know / Parade / NY Post)

(Here’s a chemist explaining the situation, and the dangers.  There’s CENSORED profanity in the video.)

(The top comment on his video is:  “Just let them drink it man.  #Darwin.”  Which seems mean . . . but is it?)

(The “Tide Pod Challenge” was one thing, because it was KIDS who probably didn’t realize just how dangerous it could be . . . and maybe thought that stupidity is funny.  So you had to spread awareness.)

(These seem to be adults . . . dumb adults . . . and if they’re out there drinking pesticides, they’re probably beyond help at this point.)