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The unofficial start of swimming pool season is Memorial Day weekend, and this year’s hottest new pool accessory may be . . . an underwater vending machine.

Remember Airheads candy?  They’ve announced that they’ve created a “first-of-its-kind ‘Underwater Vending Machine’ that dispenses Airheads while submerged in a pool,” and they’re selling a “limited number” of them online.

In a hype video, this thing looks so absurd that it’s hard to believe it’s real.

Instead of feeding wet money into it, there’s a screen that asks you to do pool tricks to get your candy fix . . . like flips, or pretending to be at a tea party.

Of course, this wouldn’t come cheap.  They say the machines will cost $7,000, and come with a “lifetime supply of Airheads.”

Now, here’s the caveat:  The machines will go on sale beginning on Monday, Memorial Day, and at that point they’ll post the specs for the “home edition.”  And that the “size, functions, and features vary” from the version in the video and on the website.

So you’re NOT getting a full-on vending machine, which makes sense . . . it impossible to imagine the ramifications (and liability) of sending people huge machines to drop into their pools.

Still, you have to get SOMETHING for your $7K beyond just a bunch of waterproof packs of Airheads.  But we don’t know exactly what that is yet. (For future updates on this thing, go to

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