If you’re a guy who wants to be on the cutting edge of fashion this summer . . . well, good luck with THIS.

Allegedly, the hottest summer fashion trends for men are CROP TOPS . . . and TUBE TOPS.

And the crop tops aren’t like back in the ’80s when the coolest dudes wore cut-off t-shirts.  These crop tops are tight and form-fitting in the sleeves and across your chest.

The tube tops cover the opposite part of your torso . . . they wrap around from the middle of your chest down to your waist.  So if you put a crop top and tube top together, you’d basically have one full shirt.

People on Twitter are having a SERIOUS debate over whether these are good looks for guys . . . and the feelings on the crop tops are surprisingly split.  The tube top, on the other hand, is getting almost exclusively negative reviews.

But if you’re interested, the fashion company ASOS is selling both crop tops and tube tops for men for $19 each.