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The cast for the “The Golden Bachelor” . . . the AARP-version of “The Bachelor” . . . has been revealed, and there are three takeaways:

1.  As promised, the bachelor, 71-year-old Gerry Turner, will NOT be choosing between a bunch of hot 30-somethings.  They’re all at least 60 years old.

2.  These aren’t quite the standard small town widows, divorcees, and “silver singles.”  Cleary, the casting directors didn’t go to church potlucks . . . Walmart . . . or the Garden Center at Lowe’s to find their golden charms.

3.  The cast seems packed with professional, seasoned women . . . who have a TV-ready, real estate agent-vibe.

There actually ARE a couple of real estate agents . . . a few health and wellness types . . . five women who worked in education, including teachers . . . multiple  businesswomen . . . a designer . . .

A former Chicago Honey Bears cheerleader . . . a “pro-aging coach” . . . and a therapist, who should come in handy on the show.

Only about half of them are retired . . . but they ALL play pickleball.  (???)

And there’s even a “Bachelor” alum . . . sort of.

One of the former real estate agents is Patty James, the 70-year-old mother of former “Bachelor” star Matt James.  She appeared on his season a couple years ago, so fans might recognize her.

Of course, it’s too early to predict who win the TOURNAMENT OF MATURE LOVE . . . and go on to become Bachelor Gerry’s future ex.  (???)

“The Golden Bachelor” will premiere on September 28th, and will air on Thursdays on ABC.

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