The full, 448-page ‘Mueller Report‘ has been released, and as expected, it’s been very heavily redacted.

In fact, Fox News says there are 865 redactions . . . for one of FOUR reasons:  “Harm to ongoing matter, personal privacy, investigative technique, and grand jury.”  A less-redacted version will be delivered to Congress within two weeks.

It’s essentially what we heard in the summary:  There’s no proof of conspiracy . . . they were not looking at “collusion” . . . andRobert Mueller declined to make a call on obstruction, although he pointed to ten “episodes” of potential obstruction.

Two mildly interesting things did come to light, though.

President Trump did try to sabotage the investigation, but his staff defied him.  When then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions told Trump that a special counsel had been appointed back in 2017, he reportedly got mad, and thought his presidency was ruined.

He allegedly said, quote, “I’m [effed].  This is the worst thing that ever happened to me.”

Trump tried multiple times to get rid of Robert Mueller . . . he asked Donald McGahnCorey Lewandowski, and Rick Dearborn to deal with it, but all of them balked at it, and the task kept getting punted to someone else.

Also, there’s a brief mention of the infamous ‘pee tape,’ but it sounds like it was a HOAX.  The Mueller Report says that a Russian businessman working on the Trump Tower Moscow project sent a text to Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, saying:

Quote, “Stopped flow of tapes from Russia, but not sure if there’s anything else.  Just so you know . . .”  Yeah, he used the word “flow.”

The businessman told Mueller that “tapes” DID refer to the pee tape being held by someone who had helped arrange the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow.

He revealed he’d heard the tapes were fake, “but he did not communicate that to Cohen.”  So it sounds like the pee tape doesn’t exist . . . and it was just a lie created by Russians trying to get leverage over Trump.

( has the full, redacted report.  Trump wasn’t impressed, he Tweeted ‘Game Over‘ in a “Game of Thrones” font.  HBO wasn’t pleased.)

(Here’s analysis from Fox NewsCNN, and the “Huffington Post” so that you can consume whatever slant you want, and call FAKE NEWS on the rest.  And here’s a report about how this isn’t the end . . . it’s the beginning, which is something that NO ONE wants to hear right now.)