The Five Jobs with the Most Millionaires, and One Is Teacher?

The five jobs on this list aren’t what you’d expect, especially #3.

Someone asked 10,000 millionaires how they built their wealth and what they did for work.  And one of the jobs with the most millionaires is . . . TEACHER.  (???)

It’s because a million bucks isn’t really that much anymore once you get close to retirement.  And they’re also counting the value of your home.

By those standards, the five jobs with the most millionaires are engineer, accountant, teacher, people in management, and lawyer.

Doctor is sixth.  They make a lot of money, but also spend a lot.  The poll found doctors aren’t great in general at managing their money.

The poll found the two main ways people reach at least $1 million in wealth in 2024 is by investing in a 401k, and buying a house they eventually pay off.