The Cities with the Worst Drivers . . . and New York City is the Best?

There’s a new list of the U.S. cities with the WORST drivers.  Which seems like it should include EVERY city.  I mean, when is the last time you got to your destination and thought, “Wow, this city has AWESOME drivers!”

The analysis looked at stuff like:  Traffic fatalities . . . alcohol-related crashes . . . insurance premiums . . . uninsured drivers . . . and even things like the weather, and the number of auto repair shops per capita.

In the end, Jacksonville, Florida was named the city with THE WORST drivers.

Louisville, Kentucky came in second, followed by Orlando . . . Tampa . . . Nashville . . . Memphis . . . Riverside, California . . . New Orleans . . . Birmingham, Alabama . . . and Sacramento.

They ranked 50 cities . . . and of those, the one with the BEST drivers is:  New York City.  (???)  The rest of the five BEST are Minneapolis . . . Salt Lake City . . . Boston . . . and San Francisco.

Generally speaking, the cities with the best drivers tend to be major metro areas, where there are a lot of public transportation and ride-sharing options.

(You can see the full ranking, here.)

On a serious note, new data from Nationwide Insurance shows that it is getting more dangerous on the roads these days.

86% of drivers rate their own driving as very good or excellent . . . but a lot of people admit to distractions like eating while driving, and using their phones.  And 38% admit to feeling more “impatient” behind the wheel.

More than 90% of people say other drivers on the road are more aggressive, reckless, and drive faster than they did a year ago.  And only 23% would rate other Americans’ driving as very good or excellent.

14% of Americans say they’ve been in an accident as the driver within the past year.  And 61% say driving has become more stressful since last year.

(You can browse all the data in the report at