The Casual Podcast Episode 3 With Dave Boyce

The Casual Podcast with Brad and Bryan & Town Nissan brings you episode 3!

This week we chat with Sirius XM Radio host, podcaster, CCO of the Red Dragons skate apparel company, designer, artist, skateboarder, entrepreneur and all-around nice guy,  Dave “The Voice” Boyce!

Find out how Dave, his brother Rob and their friends started off as kids having fun doing normal rebellious kid things and calling themselves the Red Dragons to turning it into the biggest skateboarding apparel company in Canada. We also talk about his love of Star Wars, comic books, MMA, Jiu Jitsu and what led him to making the choice of becoming sober which is now 2 years and counting!

Make sure to follow Dave on Instagram @ThisBoyceLife, listen to his Sirius XM show every Saturday from 11pm – 12am on Faction Talk channel 103 and download his podcast “This Boyce Life” wherever you get your podcast.