The Best Way to Improve Your Friendships Is . . . To Move Away from Your Friends

Want to get closer to your friends? It’s easy.

Just move away from them.

There’s a social-personality psychologist at Michigan State University named William Chopik.  And he says the key to great friendships is to get away from your friends.

Here’s why.  If you live close to someone and it’s really easy to get together, you don’t have to invest that much energy in the friendship.  It’s easy to cancel or flake.  And you might even run out of stuff to talk about.

But when you’re far away from your friends and get together on a trip, it’s more INTENSE.  You talk about the things that don’t come up in text messages or social media.  And that makes you feel closer to them, even though you live far away.

Chopik says, quote, “If you’re going on trips once or twice a year, you’ll have many disclosure opportunities to update people about the big, important things in your life . . . that kind of intent listening often happens in person.”

So improve those friendships . . . by moving away from your friends.

(The Atlantic)