The Best Tourist Attraction in the World Is This U.S. Landmark

Tripadvisor released its list of the best tourist attractions in the world in 2024.  They base it on reviews.  So, what people who recently went there thought of it.

And #1 this year is a famous U.S. landmark.  (!!!)  According to the reviews, the best tourist attraction in the world is . . . The Empire State Building.  If you can deal with the lines, the views are pretty good.

Two other spots in the U.S. made the Top 25:  Iolani Palace in Honolulu is 17th, and Central Park is 18th.  (Iolani Palace is where Hawaii’s royal family lived until 1893.  Now it’s a museum.)

The 10 best attractions in the U.S. also include Alcatraz in San Francisco . . . Graceland in Memphis . . . and New York’s Brooklyn Bridge.

Here are the 10 best attractions in the world . . .

1.  The Empire State Building

2.  The Eiffel Tower

3.  The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

4.  The Sagrada Família, a church in Spain

5.  The Crystal Caves in the Cayman Islands

6.  The Colosseum in Rome

7.  The Louvre in Paris

8.  Gardens by the Bay, a huge nature park in Singapore

9.  The Milan Cathedral

10.  Abu Dhabi’s largest mosque, the Sheikh Zayed  (shake ZIE-ed)

They also ranked the top amusement parks in the world, and gave the top spot to Disneyland Paris.  #1 in the U.S. is . . . Dollywood.  Disney World is second.

(Tripadvisor / Business Wire)