The Best Snacks to Eat After Midnight

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night starving?  Maybe you grab a doughnut or a handful of chips and go back to bed.  Luckily, there are dieticians out there who can help us not make those bad decisions.

Here are some of the best late-night snacks to choose . . .

1.  Sliced turkey breast.  The protein should hold off your hunger till morning.  Plus there’s tryptophan, the stuff that makes you sleepy on Thanksgiving.

2.  Cheese and crackers.  Any combo of protein and fiber is a good thing.

3.  Vegetables and hummus.  It’s an especially great snack if you forgot your veggies during the day.  And hummus makes everything taste better.

4.  Banana and nut butter.  Potassium helps you relax, and complex carbs help control blood sugar spikes.

5.  Cereal and milk.  As long as it’s a whole-grain, low-sugar cereal.  So, “Captain Crunch: Oops All Berries” is a big no.

(Huff Post)