The Best Parts of a Road Trip Are the Scenery and Listening to the Radio

Would your ideal vacation include a short flight, or a somewhat long drive?  A poll found 73% of Americans prefer to road-trip it when possible.

The average person has been on 16 road trips in their life.  Here are the five best parts of one, according to the poll . . .

1.  Seeing new landscapes and scenery.

2.  Listening to music on the RADIO.  (We lost to STUPID NATURE???)

3.  Getting a break from your routine.

4.  You just really like driving.  25% agreed with that.

5.  A tie between “trying local food along the way” and “getting to your destination.”  No matter how good the trip is, getting there is always fun.

It also looked at the most annoying things that can happen on the road.  The top three are no cell service . . . constantly having to stop so someone can use the bathroom . . . and your kids asking, “Are we there yet?”

37% of people have also experienced a “road trip NIGHTMARE.”

Some common ones people mentioned were flat tires, breakdowns, bad weather, and realizing you hate the person sitting next to you.