The Best Movie Set in Each State put together a list of the best movie set in all 50 states, plus Washington D.C.   Where the movie was shot wasn’t considered, only the story’s setting.

Here are some highlights:

1.  California:  “Vertigo”

2.  Idaho:  “Napoleon Dynamite”

3.  Florida:  “Scarface”

4.  Delaware:  “Fight Club”

5.  Pennsylvania:  “Rocky”

6.  Connecticut:  “Beetlejuice”

7.  Nevada:  “Ocean’s Eleven” (2001)

8.  Illinois:  “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

9.  Georgia:  “The Color Purple”

10.  Oklahoma:  “The Outsiders”

11.  Texas:  “The Last Picture Show”

12.  New York:  “Do the Right Thing”

13.  North Dakota:  “Leprechaun”  (???)

14.  Indiana:  “A Christmas Story”

15.  Washington:  “Sleepless in Seattle”

16.  Iowa:  “Field of Dreams”

17.  Wisconsin:  “Bridesmaids”

18.  Utah:  “127 Hours”

19.  Colorado:  “The Shining”

20.  Massachusetts:  “The Departed”

(You can see all 50 states at  Under each entry, there’s also runners-up.)