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The Super Bowl was back on CBS this year.  A 30-second ad cost the same as last year . . . $7 MILLION.  Many of yesterday’s ads were sadly released ahead of time, so there wasn’t much surprise.  But they’re still fun to watch.

Here’s a round-up of the best ads:

1.  Ben Affleck wants to show Jennifer Lopez what he can do in music and recruits Matt Damon and Tom Brady for a boy band called the DunKings.  Jack Harlow is in it, too.  Dunkin’ will be releasing a DunKings menu today, along with merch.

2.  Beyoncé did an ad for Verizon where she tries different ways to break the Internet.  At the end, she announced new music.  She dropped a preview on Instagram for “Act 2”, which comes out March 29th, and released two songs, out now.

3.  Duolingo wants to remind everyone to do their language lessons, NO BUTS.  Their owl mascot’s butt burst into another small owl for some reason.  (???)

4.  The E*Trade babies are back this year . . . playing pickleball.

5.  Ravens, Seahawks, and Eagles . . . the NFL players . . . fly in the sky in a migration pattern for YouTube TV’s NFL Sunday Ticket.

6.  Chris Pratt books the role of a lifetime as Mr. P, the Pringles guy.

7.  Like a good neighbaaa, Arnold Schwarzenegger is there.  He is Agent State Farm.  His “Twins” co-star Danny DeVitoalso makes an appearance.

8.  There might not be a “T” in Skechers, but Mr. T is always in them.  And he pities the fool who has to bend down to put on their shoes, when they could be wearing slip-ins.

9.  Everyone and their mom is auditioning to be T-Mobile’s Magenta Status spokesperson, including Bradley Cooper and his mom.  Also, Laura Dern, Jennifer Hudson, and Common.

10.  Zach Braff and Donald Faison get Jason Momoa to get T-Mobile Home Internet with a “Flashdance” number.  Jennifer Beals makes a cameo at the end.

11.  Christopher Walken is just trying to get through the day in his BMW when everyone he comes in contact with tries imitating his voice.  Ashley Park from “Beef” and Usher make appearances.

12.  Aubrey Plaza loves having a blast . . . well, the Mountain Dew kind.  She even rides dragons with Nick Offerman, while sippin’ on a Baja Blast.

13.  Jennifer Aniston says in order to remember something like Uber Eats, you have to forget something else.  She even forgets working with David Schwimmer on “Friends”.  The ad also stars Jelly Roll and David and Victoria Beckham(The original ad was edited because it had a scene roasting people who have peanut allergies.)

14.  Michael Cera wants everyone to think he made CeraVe skincare.

15.  Kate McKinnon’s talking cat becomes famous for saying “mayo”, getting everyone to buy Hellmann’s.  The cat even dates, then breaks up with Pete Davidson(???)

16.  The Bud Light genie grants wishes that include partying with Post Malone, being besties with Payton Manning, and a T-Rex.

17.  Rob Gronkowski missed the FanDuel Kick of Destiny, which made John Cena happy.  Carl Weathers was originally part of the ad campaign, so they put a tribute to him at the end.

18.  Mark Wahlberg invites everyone to stay prayed up this Lent on the Hallow app.  (Ash Wednesday is THIS Wednesday.)

19.  Robert F. Kennedy Jr. aired an ad for his presidential campaign, which repurposed a JFK ad from 1960.  (???)

(Not sure it did him any favors.  It just felt weird.)

20.  Kanye West did a commercial for, but it didn’t air for everyone, like those in Los Angeles.  It looked like it was filmed on his phone.

21.  There were also multiple movie teasers and trailers, including:  Wicked . . . Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes . . . Twisters . . . and Monkey Man.


(PROFANITY WARNING:  This trailer for “Deadpool and Wolverine” contains an F-bomb.)