The Best Cities to Move to if You’re Single

If you’re single, work from home, and can live anywhere, this list is for you:  Zillow looked at the 100 biggest cities in America, and found the ten best places to move to if you’re single.

They looked at three factors:  How many single people there are . . . how expensive it is to rent . . . and how many apartments are available that are good for single people.  So, things like studios, or one-bedrooms.

And the #1 city is also the smallest on the list:  WICHITA.

Here are the top ten:

1.  Wichita, Kansas.  It’s the only city in the top ten where the average rent is under $1,000, just $966 a month.

2.  Austin.  It’s $1,869 a month, so almost double the rent in Wichita.  But it’s got lots of single people.

3.  Milwaukee, $1,186.  It has the highest percentage of singles in the top ten.

4.  Denver, $1,988.  That’s the most expensive on the list.

5.  San Antonio, $1,469.  It ranked high in available apartments.

6.  Houston, $1,575.  Again, it’s got lots of open apartments.

7.  Dallas, $1,791.  So that’s four Texas cities.  In sheer numbers, Dallas has the most single people of any city in the top ten.  It’s also the last one on the list that’s under two grand a month.

8.  Seattle, $2,265.  It’s the second most-expensive in the top ten.  But the median income is higher than a lot of other cities.

9.  Washington, D.C., $2,231.  Again, it’s expensive, but not if you land a high-paying job.

10.  Boston, $2,788.  That’s over $500 more than Seattle.  So it’s definitely the least affordable on the list.