The Best Cities in America for Meat Eaters

There’s a lot of talk these days about places having vegetarian, plant-based stuff . . . and that’s great . . . but today, in honor of all the meat-and-potatoes dads out there, we’re focusing on CARNIVOROUS FARE.

There’s a new ranking of the best cities in America for meat eaters, and it’s comprehensive.  They considered factors like the number of steakhouses, BBQ restaurants, burger spots, and butcher shops . . . along with local meat quality, as well as demand for meat in the area.

In the end, Miami was named THE top city for meat lovers.

Las Vegas was the runner-up, followed by Atlanta . . . Minneapolis . . . San Francisco . . . Oakland . . . Portland, Oregon . . . Boston . . . Denver . . . and Kansas City.

Miami may have been #1 overall, but Vegas was named the best city for steakhouses, mostly because there are 119 of them, which is a lot.

(Linz Heritage Angus)