The Average Person Stops Being “Cool” at Age 39

Yesterday, we heard about a poll that found aches and pains start at age 37.  Now a separate poll found you officially start being LAME shortly after that.

A survey of 2,000 Americans found the average person stops being “cool” at age 39.  That’s when we tend to feel like we’re out of touch and can’t follow the trends.  (Yeah?  Well joke’s on you, pollsters.  I’ve NEVER been cool.)

49% overall said they generally don’t know what’s going on with pop culture.  That’s Americans of all ages, not just older people.

They listed 10 different topics and asked how out of touch people feel about them.  Here are all 10 ranked . . .

1.  Slang.  It’s the hardest thing to keep up with.  40% said they’re completely out of touch with modern slang.  (Wow, IJBOL.)

2.  Celebrities, 35%.  Like who’s Jacob Elordi?  And could you pick Emma Chamberlain out of a line-up?

3.  The arts, 34%.  Name a famous artist in 2024 other than Banksy.

4.  Fashion, 32%.

5.  Books, 32%.

6.  Technology, 26% feel out of touch with tech.

7.  Movies, 23%.

8.  Social media, 22%.  You’ve never used TikTok and wouldn’t know how.

9.  Music.  Only 19% feel fully out of touch.  (You’re welcome, America.)

10.  Food.  Just 8% of us feel clueless about the latest food trends.